Search Engine Optimisation

We realise how important it is that your website is found, and that there's little point in investing in a website if it doesn't do its job of generating business and attracting potential clients, to help make this possible we will do the following:
  • Ensure our website are created in line with current web standards. A website that is designed according to the well established technical and industry standards will almost certainly be rated and ranked more highly by search engines.
  • Keyword effectiveness monitoring. We will investigate, and work with you to find out which keywords best fit with the content of each of the pages on your website, and find the best match possible. This can help search engines to index the pages more accurately, ultimately resulting in your website having a far greater chance of being found by searches that use the keywords chosen.
  • Create a Google webmaster tools account - this can be used to generate logs of views to your web pages, and has the ability to log which keywords were actually used to find individual pages. By analysing this data, optimisation can be carried out and the keywords of each each page 'fine tuned' to further enhance the possibilty of the pages on your website being found.